You likely decided to go the route of building your own home instead of buying something already in existence because you couldn’t find anything that met all your expectations. One of the biggest mistakes that can happen is that you still end up with less than you wanted. The following checklist should help you when considering custom home designs for your new home:

  • Plan for the Future – Any home can fall short after a few years when circumstances change, but if you plan for future changes, there is a better chance you’ll still love your home. Think about things such as family size change possibilities and a home office for future career potential. Consider flexibility in custom home designs so you can easily renovate later.
  • Plan for Entertainment – Even if you are far from a homebody, you need to have sufficient space for entertainment. That goes for your family as well as throwing parties and having a large family over for the holidays. An open living space is ideal for entertaining, which is why this layout is common in custom home designs today.
  • Plan the Bathrooms – There are two thoughts when it comes to bathrooms — Too few and the family will squabble and morning routines can be a nightmare. Too many and someone must clean them all. Decide on what makes the most sense for your family (also considering possibility for increase) and account for sufficient bathrooms. It never hurts to add a half bath, especially if its location is convenient, such as a pool bath or one for guests to use.

When you contact our professionals at Off Duty Fireman Construction Inc., we take great care during the planning stages so that the custom home designs are as perfect as possible. Our process involves the use of a crew of highly skilled tradesmen so that our custom home designs are completed to your complete satisfaction. Call us today to learn more about how our personal service and experience will give you a home you’ll love for years to come.