Hire Off Duty Fireman Construction Inc., Asheville, NC

Since 2000, we have grown to become the Asheville area’s top choice for remodeling services.

Why Hire Us?

Our team at Off Duty Fireman Construction Inc. prides itself on the ability to provide the community with superior general contracting services. In fact, we are so dedicated to providing these outstanding services that we keep a lower volume of clients, so we are able to truly focus on the quality for our customers. The people who work on our projects are in-house—we subcontract very little of our work to provide you with not just good customer service but personal service. There are very particular standards that we adhere to, so we are able to provide the best quality work!

Off Duty Fireman Construction Inc. was started by a fireman and is veteran owned. This is where our guiding principles come from. The values of honesty, hard work, duty, honor, loyalty and respect are just some of the things that have been imparted to him through his years of service in the Army and as a firefighter. It’s our goal to bring these principles to you in our construction work.

The values we adhere to as a company include:

  • Politeness
  • Education
  • Respect
  • Punctuality
  • Driven to deliver quality work
  • Duty
  • Honor
  • Loyalty

Having principles is important, but if they are not put into practice, they are only nice ideas. Our founder is a part of what we do on every job. He is not just a face or mascot for the company; he is involved in every project in Asheville, North Carolina and works through the whole process with our clients. We are also upfront about the cost of the project, meaning we won’t lowball the estimate just to get the job and spring surprise costs on you at the end.