Handyman Services


Our Team can handle all your carpentry needs. Our eye for detail will ensure your project blends seamlessly with the features of your existing home We bring years of experience and training to all your projects.

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  • Deck repair
  • Subfloor repairs
  • Quarter round
  • Crown molding
  • Baseboards
  • Retractable attic stair installation


Making an update to your home through new lighting fixtures and ceiling fans can make a big impact. Let our years of professional experience help you make the changes and repairs to your home.

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✓ Install ceiling fans
✓ Change light switches to be either both fan and light or separate
✓ Install televisions
✓ Reverse polarity on outlets (can fail inspections with this and sometimes devices require correct polarity to work)
✓ Replace outlets, replace switches, add dimmers, replace lighting, replace ceiling fans, replace switch covers, convert to GFCI outlets


Plumbing repairs and fixture upgrades are a simple way to improve your home. Our professionals can handle these projects with ease and quality.

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✓ Repair faucets
✓ Replace faucets
✓ Fix leaky pipes
✓ Snake small drains
✓ Replace sinks
✓ Replace vanities
✓ Replace toilets
✓ Repair toilets
✓ Replace toilet seals


We offer a variety of painting and staining services to help meet your interior and exterior needs. Lets us help you give your home a fresh face lift or simply add a personal touch.

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✓ Trim Paint
✓ Touch Up Paint
✓ Staining


Damage to walls and ceilings is just a result of living in your home. Cracks, small punctures, and holes can be unsightly problems homeowners face. Let our craftsmen take care of all your drywall needs to bring your walls and ceilings back to a perfect finish.

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✓ Repair cracks
✓ Ceiling Repair
✓Patch Holes
✓ Texture Matching

Doors and Windows

Doors and windows make a huge impact to the look and functionality of your home. The exterior and interior door and window services we provide add to the value and efficiency of your home. Our team has the tools and experience to make sure the job is done right, and your home looks great.

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✓ Frame Doorways
✓ Install exterior and interior doors
✓ Install a door where there is a wall
✓ Dog/cat door installation
✓ Install doorknobs
✓ Slab door installations

Seasonal Maintenance

There are general maintenance projects that pop up every year. Preventative maintenance can save time and money through the years. Let our professionals help you ensure your home is safe, prepared and kept up.

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✓ Gutter Cleaning
✓ Pressure Washing
✓ Smoke Detectors/ Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Furniture Assembly

Let our professionals help with the headache of furniture assembly. We come equipped with the correct tools and the expertise to get the job done simply and quickly.

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✓ Beds
✓ Dressers


A quick change with a huge impact, tile can make a big difference to the image of your home. Our craftsmen have the experience to make repairs, add new features, and help with maintenance of all your tile projects.

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✓ Tile Repair
✓ Backsplashes
✓ Sealing and Caulking