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Here at Off Duty Fireman Construction, our mission is simple.

To provide our clients with a truly personal & fun experience, achieved through communication, accountability, respect, drive, and a second to none work ethic. Here at Off Duty Fireman Construction, we are construction company and personal service company first. We understand that a client’s home is one of their most prized emotional and financial assets. Your home is where you hang you hat, raise your kids, and spend time with loved ones. We are always honored when chosen to represent a client in such a personal way.

Every construction project has one common factor, Design and Architectural Plans. Here at Off Duty Fireman Construction, we learned early on, that sourcing out Architectural Design and Planning created a disconnect in providing a personal experience to our clients. So, we decided to make a change by providing Design and Architectural services to our clients in house. This process allows us to control the project from inception to completion, creating a truly personal experience.

We utilize the latest in 3d Capture Technology, Artificial Intelligence and Cad Design to provide a truly unique and exciting architectural and design experience.


During our consultation process, we capture your home with our Matterport Camera. This camera takes millions of photos and stitches them together to create an immersive digital twin of your home. This scan allows Off Duty Fireman Construction, our vendors, and subcontractors to walkthrough the project without being on site. The virtual digital twin also aids us during the estimation process by allowing us to walk through and capture detail like never before.

The Matterport Scan does much more than provide us with a walk through. This scan gets converted into a CAD File that uploads into our design software, eliminating the need to measure the structure. Long gone are the days of measuring with a tape measure. Here at Off Duty Fireman Construction, powered by Matterport, 1 to 2 hours is all that is needed to scan a structure and we can provide you with a detailed, virtual reality walk through with CAD Plans to get started that day.

Below is a quick video showing Matterport in action!


Up next is our Artificial Intelligence App – Hover. With just a few photos of the exterior of your home, Hover creates a fully detailed materials list and 3d Model of your home. The Hover Report allows us to fine tune our estimate to reflect the exact materials and measurements. Hovers powerful AI system generates a 3D Model of you home that we can design on for visual reference. Not only can we design on your home, but we can also pick the brand and product that you are looking at as well. Looking at GAF Shingles?Hover has you covered. Looking at a specific brand of paint and color? Hover has that too! Starting from scratch? We can upload our finished CAD, Architectural Plans into Hover. Have a set of plans, we can upload those too! Long gone are the days of trying to imagine what your finished project will look like. This powerful AI tool allows us to capture a visual representation of the finished product. Below is a quick video showing Hover in action!

Chief Architect

Last but certainly not least is Off Duty Fireman Construction’s Architectural Design Software, Chief Architect. With Chief Architect, we can bring your vision and home design projects to life. From home design, interior design, to kitchen and bath, Chief Architect leads the way in creating construction drawings, elevations, CAD details and 3D Models. Chief Architect is the professional tool of choice across the construction industry in Architectural Design. As we transfer your vision to Chief Architect it automatically generates a 360 Degree Panoramic Rendering of your project. Below is a quick video showing Chief Architect in action!

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