Commercial Upfits, Asheville, NC

We handle commercial upfits for tenants, landlords, and end users.

Commercial Upfits in Asheville, North Carolina

Most commercial spaces go through various owners and tenants over the years, and when a new user is moving in, it is unlikely that the space will be exactly what they want. If you are taking over a commercial space that needs anything from a minor change to a full demo and rebuild or upfitting an empty commercial shell space, you can turn to us at Off Duty Fireman Construction Inc. for exceptional commercial upfits.

We work with both property owners and tenants during commercial upfits, as it is often the case that each has its own responsibilities and authority. For example, the property owner is usually responsible for the HVAC and electrical systems and separation between units, with the tenant in charge of everything else, although this all depends on the negotiations and agreements made. We are able to work with whatever agreement you have as the commercial general contractor you can trust to provide you with the results you envision for commercial upfits in the Asheville, North Carolina area.

Some of the things that we do that set of support the use of a Matterport scanner that turns all of our projects into a 3D virtual walkthrough

One of the ways we ensure that our commercial upfits go smoothly is our limited reliance on subcontractors. While most companies utilize 20 or more subcontractors, we have an excellent in-house team that works together seamlessly on projects, making scheduling and controlling costs and quality more effective. The result is your project being done on time and on budget.

If you are a tenant looking to build the space for your business, a property owner needing to get a space ready for a tenant, or an end user needing to make an existing space you just purchased function properly for you, give us a call and set an appointment to discuss your project and expectations.